+ Golden Duck Quack Awards + celebration!

Wednesday, November 21 2012 at 8:00PM

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Andy Lewis

What's the talk about?

Special event!

Tannice has now been running Guildford SitP almost single-handedly for a year and is celebrating what she thinks is a great event for Surrey's skeptics. She hopes to bring cake! As part of this celebration we are hosting a voting event and a guest speaker.

The Golden Duck Awards

The award will have different criteria each year, and for our first outing we have decided to offer a lifetime achievement award open for any quack from any discipline; the winner may come from medical quackery, or indeed politics, business, TV and media and beyond.

Good Thinking will be awarding The Golden Duck each year to the person (or organisation) that has supported or practiced pseudoscience in the most ludicrous, dangerous, irrational or irresponsible manner. We've now reached the part where each Skeptics in the Pub group nominates a winner.

More info here -  http://goodthinkingsociety.org/projects/golden-duck/

 Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science: Steiner Schools

With Michael Gove and the coalition approving new Steiner Schools to open under the Free School Programme, it is timely to look closely at the origins and beliefs of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the occult movement of Anthroposophy.

Steiner was a mystic who believed he had direct clairvoyant access to cosmic knowledge. As such he developed an esoteric belief system based on karma, reincarnation, astrology, homeopathy and gnomes. His visions gave insights into architecture, art, dance, agriculture, medicine, education, science and diet. His racial hierarchy of spiritual developmental resonated in Germany in the early 20th Century turning a personal belief into a worldwide movement. Today we find hundreds of anthroposophically inspired organisations in the UK alone: everything from Steiner Schools, Biodynamic farms to banks, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, charities and cheese makers.

Andy Lewis has been trying to lift the veil on the inner secrets of the movement and will discuss how it has a direct impact on public life.