Welcome to Guildford Skeptics in the Pub. We host speakers on subjects such as science, superstition, alternative medicine, philosophy and religion* in the relaxed atmosphere of the function room of the Stoke Pub and Pizzeria.

Speakers come from a wide range of backgrounds and viewpoints but, ultimately, are skeptical. Skepticism, put basically, is an insistence on robust evidence for claims; claims of the efficacy of alternative medicine, the existence of mystical beings, crytozoological oddities and deities; the claims of psychics, astrological predictions... and more!

Guildford Skeptics is one of a collective group of Skeptics in the Pub Groups in the South East - conveniently named the South East Skeptics' Society! What does that mean for you, and for our speakers? Well, there's a whole page on it, here

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Guildford Skeptics in the Pub

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Investigating psychotherapy

Kevin Friery

Wednesday, October 29 2014 at 7:30PM

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103 Stoke Rd,

Kevin Friery

What's the talk about?

Kevin Friery´╗┐ is a skeptical Psychotherapist. With a background in Psychology and Counselling he has been closely involved with the world of psychological therapies since a time when they hadn't discovered the 'C' in CBT.

One of his claims to fame (Try and stop him talking about it!) is that he has appeared several times on BBC 1's The Big Questions offering the voice of skepticism and reason in the face of some very vocal True Believers.

A Bit Of Slap & Tickle takes a close and skeptical look at some of the 'treatments' for common mental health conditions, and looks at the people who profess themselves to be 'practitioners'. It looks at the meaning of effectiveness and explores our relationship with placebos and comes up with some uncomfortable conclusions.

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