Welcome to Guildford Skeptics in the Pub. We host speakers on subjects such as science, superstition, alternative medicine, philosophy and religion* in the relaxed atmosphere of the function room of the Stoke Pub and Pizzeria.

Speakers come from a wide range of backgrounds and viewpoints but, ultimately, are skeptical. Skepticism, put basically, is an insistence on robust evidence for claims; claims of the efficacy of alternative medicine, the existence of mystical beings, crytozoological oddities and deities; the claims of psychics, astrological predictions... and more!

Guildford Skeptics is one of a collective group of Skeptics in the Pub Groups in the South East - conveniently named the South East Skeptics' Society! What does that mean for you, and for our speakers? Well, there's a whole page on it, here

*not an exhaustive list!

Guildford Skeptics in the Pub

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Proud to be affiliated with the South East Skeptics' Society!


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